5 Reasons Smart Fitness Tracking Band can make excellent Business Gift

Today no one has any doubt about the benefits of physical exercise. The healthy endorphins released during crazy sports have been proven to be very good for the mind and body. The good news is that people today have a high level of awareness of maintaining and achieving fitness goals. Previous excuse does not require that there is no accurate tracking or tracking equipment is no longer valid.

With portable fitness tracking devices, especially smart belt fitness tracking, exercise control and daily sports activities become easier and more fun. Mobile applications provide almost all real-time data as well as historical data to compare and improve physical activity. Whether you are looking for someone who wants to update an old smartphone, someone who likes the best new technology, or who wants to find new ways based on statistics, do more activities in their lives, activity trackers It is a good choice. If one of your next New Year’s resolutions is to learn more about your health and fitness tracking game, we will give you full permission to waste yourself here.

In recent years, fitness trackers have undergone great changes. Once a tracker, the distance and calories of a small plastic bracelet (or a device that fits your waist) have been converted into a myriad of high-tech smart watches for monitoring heart rate and sleep, displaying notifications on mobile phones, and providing training advice and many more. Features are bigger, better and more complete. And style? Most activity trackers are modern and modern watches disguised as daily life and clothing choices.

If you can pay more, then there are some devices that show calories burned and accurate sleep patterns to understand the quality of sleep you enjoy at night. There is a clear division between waking hours, deep sleep and light sleep. Since all these details are displayed every day, you can use Activity Tracker Watch to compare and set your goals. All you need to do is integrate the data from your physical training device into your smartphone via a training app via Bluetooth. These devices also monitor running distances while running or jogging or on a treadmill. Never complain about the lack of exercise data or motivation. These portable health control devices are enough to encourage positive action.

This is an important practical tool in everyone’s life. The fitness tracker has become one of the most popular promotional gifts and giveaways for corporate companies. The idea of ​​these wearable health tech gifts is designed so you can use them comfortably on your wrist. They show time, date and year and other parameters. These parameters, such as the steps you take during the day, the distance you travel, the calories you burn, and your heart rate, are enough for a person who knows normal physical activity to track their physical condition.

Below are 5 reason, why fitness smart bands can be a perfect business gift for your clients and employees in the upcoming gifting campaign:

  1. Great utility for tracking fitness

Finding the perfect gift for a fitness fanatic can be a difficult proposition. Whether it’s running, cycling, yoga or tennis, athletes take their craft seriously — and often have seriously specific preferences for everything from gear to accessories. Smart bands which track daily fitness and sleep activities is a popular and useful device to track and monitor the fitness activities and can be best corporate gift for employees and clients.


  1. Create fitness awareness and reduce stress levels

We all have people around us, more interested in talking about their latest diet and exercises. They live and breathe all things fitness. Whether they’re just starting their journey or looking to pick up the pace, this gear will fit nicely in any gym-goer’s sacred workout space. Keeping correct fitness levels can help reduce stress levels in high pressure corporate environment, and fitness tracker business gifts can be good initiative in this direction.


  1. Cost effective with high perceived value

A perfect gift is one which has high perceived value and great utility. Fitness bands can be used by any individual on daily basis and it is very popular now a day. The much needed utility for tracking daily fitness activities makes it important for everyone, and for the same reason it is perceived highly.


  1. Team building and motivation for employees

If budget permits, and with good quantity – we can even customize the APP for fitness band to cater fitness and activity data for all employees on single platform. HR managers can use this to make team building activities, reward fitness levels of employees, and keep healthy fitness competitions and many more ways in which it can motivate the employee morale.

  1. Logo branding with Brand building and marketing

Last but not the least is the logo co-branding on the fitness smart bands can be a wonderful marketing and brand building tool. The brand logo will stay with the user for long time to ensure a good branding visibility and awareness.


Below are few of the popular smart fitness bands available in India, which you can choose for corporate gifting:

  1. Xiaomi MI Band 2 / HRX Edition
  2. Intext Fitrist Smart Band
  3. Portronics Yogg Fitness Band
  4. Electros eFit Band 3 Heart Rate Tracker
  5. Pebble Peb-o-fit Smart Activity Tracker
  6. Xech iC7 HR BP Monitoring Band
  7. Fitbit Charge Smart Band


If you are looking to find suitable gift fitness trackers and other wearable devices for healthcare in India, contact Branded Corporate Gift.

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