PROCTER - Dumbbell shape water bottle big (750 ml) (3 lid op

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Dumbbell shape water bottle big (750 ml) (3 lid op

Model No: H63 / 1111845

. Dumbbell shape water bottle big (750 ml) . Food grade Material


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At offices, homes and businesses around the world - water, tea and coffee are the fuel of employee motivation throughout the day. Link your company to motivation and progress, and get your name with our great branded bottles and cups. Personalized bottles and cups can also be a fun and positive way to motivate and boost employee morale. Personalized cups inspire real teamwork and help them feel confident to be a team in the best way possible. From fun and corporate gifts to your team's elegant brand name momentoes to enhance consumer brand awareness, our custom bottles and flasks  will keep your business in the public eye and keep your business marketing on track. We offer a huge selection of different bottles and cups, and we offer logo branded bottles and cups for a wide variety of people. We can even print the photos or images of your choice on many brands of mugs just to give you more visual and engaging impact on your promotional gifts.

INR 38.00 / Piece

Retail Price: INR 50.00 / Piece

Availability: 7 days

Brand: PROCTER Assured

Minimum Order Quantity: 930 PCs

Contact for hot offers / discount, customization and delivery information.

** Price of the product does vary with quantity, please contact for precise quotation.
*** Prices mentioned are excluding branding, packaging & logistic charges. GST additional as applicable.

PROCTER Assured are the products which does not belong to any big brand and are not made for retail but manufactured solely for promotional purpose. All the products listed under PROCTER Assured brand are authentic and are verified by our product expert team for quality and pricing. Also all these products are readily available in stock with authentic supplier / manufacturer.


. Dumbbell shape water bottle big (750 ml) . Food grade Material