Goqii Fitness Tracker Band

Goqii Fitness Tracker Band for Corporate Gifting

GOQii is a comprehensive digital health and wellness solution with an ecosystem facilitating a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle. Motivation and guidance from experienced coaches combined with data from advanced wearable technology provides users with an engaged and sustainable experience. GOQii is enabling people across the world to ‘be the force’ of change to a healthier life. 

Corporate Wellness

GOQii’s enterprise offering provides an end to end preventive wellness solution.

As a part of the corporate wellness initiative, GOQii strives to improve employee productivity and morale, reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism.

GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

Bulk Price: Rs. 925

MOQ: 100 Units     MRP: Rs. 1499

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GOQii Heart Rate Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

GOQii Heart Rate Fitness Tracker with Persona..

Bulk Price: Rs. 1125

MOQ: 50 Units     MRP: Rs. 1999

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Finding the perfect gift for a fitness fanatic can be a difficult proposition. Whether it’s running, cycling, yoga or tennis, athletes take their craft seriously — and often have seriously specific preferences for everything from gear to accessories. Smart bands which track daily fitness and sleep activities is a popular and useful device to track and monitor the fitness activities and can be best corporate gift for employees and clients.

Fitness Tracker Smart Band to track - Steps, Calories, Distance, sleep pattern, heart rate, bloood pressure and more..

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