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Pebble 2600mAh Power Bank

Model No: PPC26AUC Black / 1112034

2600mAh Power Bank


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Power banks are great little accessories that can recharge smart phones and other portable electronic devices, typically being able to recharge a smart phone in two hours. With the usage of smart phone and other electronic devices, such as tablets, being on the increase, (and let’s not forget cross device usage), the demand for portable charging devices is high, making power banks perfect for goodie bag promotional gifts. Plus, they are light and do not take up much bag space. PROCTER offers different styles of power banks that can be branded with your logo, from slim line, mini and wooden to multi-purpose power banks. All of our branded power banks come with a micro USB cable that you can use for charging, so that you can use the power banks straight away. PROCTER is a leading supplier of high quality portable customized phone chargers, for use as customer gifts. Engraved permanently with your logo, these portable phone chargers make a perfect branded customer gift. Compact and immediately useful, your customers will thank you if you give them one of these at your next event. A range of customised packaging options available to suit.

INR 460.00 / Piece

MRP: INR 1299.00 / Piece

Availability: 7 days

Brand: Pebble

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 PCs

Contact for hot offers / discount, customization and delivery information.

** Price of the product does vary with quantity, please contact for precise quotation.
*** Prices mentioned are excluding branding, packaging & logistic charges. GST additional as applicable.

We belong to a group of companies that have been leading providers of various power back-up devices and other electronic products for the past 12 years. We are now using our expertise of power-back up to meet the emerging needs of mobile consumers. 

Smartphones and other gadgets are part of our life now. There is only one issue holding us back – limited battery or power back up provided by these devices which is far less than the desired capacity. To bridge this gap, we have launched a new series of sleek, elegant and portable products called PEBBLE POCKET CHARGERS that will provide power back up to all your smartphones and other devices anywhere, anytime, so that you may never run out of battery again especially while on the go.

Pebble™ signifies something small and powerful that can easily fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. The brand focuses on the perfect blend of quality and design, providing maximum convenience and satisfaction to consumers.

2600mAh Power Bank