Premium Corporate Gifts – Best Practices for you to Follow

The best way to grab the attention of any professional is through an effective branded corporate gift. Whether you want to increase the number of your customers or strengthen your relationship with your employees, these gifts will help you in achieving your goal.

But choosing a gift for CEOs and CXOs is a little difficult.

These people command high respect and they are the decision makers in an organization. You wouldn’t want to land a bad impression on a CEO.

Because if you fail there, you’ll end up ruining your relationship with the entire company.

The CEO (or the CXO) is the decision maker. They’re like the queen of the beehive.

Get the queen, and the rest of the bees will follow you automatically.

But how do you avoid landing a poor impression? By following the best practices.

So today, we’re sharing with you the best corporate gifting practices for high-level recipients. You’ll be able to avoid a large number of mistakes by following these tips:

Always keep it personalized

Personalization is vital in the door to door marketing. When you’re sending a gift, you’re trying to show compassion and care.

If you’ll keep the message of the gift generic, you’ll not be able to win any business or land a good impression. A simple message like “Happy Birthday Joe” or “Warm Wishes, From XXX” wouldn’t help you much.

Go an extra mile. Do a little research and according to that, send a personalized gift to the CEO.

You can find out how long the company has been operating or you can find out the hobbies of the CEO. A little research online (through Facebook or LinkedIn) can help you find out a number of important details.

With a personalized gift, you’ll be able to grab the attention of the recipient faster. It will also ensure that the recipient keeps the gift.

Don’t give a generic gift

If you want your branded corporate gifts to succeed, imprint these words in your mind:

“Never give generic gifts to high-level recipients.”

If you don’t have the kind of budget for giving a good quality gift, delay the task. Send the gift when you have the budget.

Moreover, there are tons of high-quality gifts you can give to a CEO depending on your budget. You can get an accessories set or executive pens for corporate gifting.

But if you think a simple mug, with your brand name on it, would work, you’re mistaken.

That’s because CEOs and CXOs don’t need to keep low-quality gifts. They already get gifts from many other companies, like yours, so they have the luxury to choose which gifts they want to keep.


Although these are just 2 simple points they will help you get an idea of what kind of gifts you should give to CEOs and CXOs.

Remember, if you’ll win the heart of a CEO, you’ll win the heart of the entire company. Keep this point in mind.

And if you are looking for premium gift ideas, head to our store. We’re certain you’ll find something amazing.

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