Pebble Bluetooth Speakers

Pebble Bluetooth Speakers for Corporate Gifting

We belong to a group of companies that have been leading providers of various power back-up devices and other electronic products for the past 12 years. We are now using our expertise of power-back up to meet the emerging needs of mobile consumers. 

Smartphones and other gadgets are part of our life now. There is only one issue holding us back – limited battery or power back up provided by these devices which is far less than the desired capacity. To bridge this gap, we have launched a new series of sleek, elegant and portable products called PEBBLE POCKET CHARGERS that will provide power back up to all your smartphones and other devices anywhere, anytime, so that you may never run out of battery again especially while on the go.

Pebble™ signifies something small and powerful that can easily fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. The brand focuses on the perfect blend of quality and design, providing maximum convenience and satisfaction to consumers.

Pebble Bluetooth Speaker XS

Pebble Bluetooth Speaker XS

Bulk Price: Rs. 699

MOQ: 100 Units     MRP: Rs. 1499

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Pebble 5W Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Mic Sync

Pebble 5W Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker..

Bulk Price: Rs. 1101

MOQ: 50 Units     MRP: Rs. 2199

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Pebble Portable Multi-functional Bluetooth Speaker STORM

Pebble Portable Multi-functional Bluetooth Sp..

Bulk Price: Rs. 1352

MOQ: 20 Units     MRP: Rs. 2750

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Pebble Bluetooth Speaker MUZE

Pebble Bluetooth Speaker MUZE

Bulk Price: Rs. 979

MOQ: 50 Units     MRP: Rs. 2199

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Pebble Color Changing Rave Light Show Party Speaker Dazzle

Pebble Color Changing Rave Light Show Party S..

Bulk Price: Rs. 1775

MOQ: 20 Units     MRP: Rs. 3990

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Pebble Heavy Bass Stereo Sound Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker (Blue) BassX Extreme

Pebble Heavy Bass Stereo Sound Splashproof Bl..

Bulk Price: Rs. 2386

MOQ: 20 Units     MRP: Rs. 3499

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Pebble IPX7 Waterproof Speaker with Heavy Bass (Black) BassX Aqua

Pebble IPX7 Waterproof Speaker with Heavy Bas..

Bulk Price: Rs. 1684

MOQ: 20 Units     MRP: Rs. 2499

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Customized and Branded Bluetooth Speakers for Corporate Gifting

We are always on the go with the contours of stress surrounding us. In order to make your life less stressful, Branded Corporate Gift “Procter” presents a wide array of customizable Bluetooth speakers corporate gifts that are ideal for customers, employees as well as shareholders.

We understand the importance of gifting unique items that leave an indelible mark on a person’s memory. Bluetooth speaker corporate gift is a great way to do just that and much more. They not only make a great gifting item, but add a zest of colour and liveliness in everyone’s mundane routine.

You have a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers to choose from like 5-in-1 wireless speakers to barrel BT speaker, pebble Bluetooth speaker that can fit anywhere to long Bluetooth speakers with great sound quality. You can opt from Xech to Pebble, Artis, Zoook, Sony, Intex, Portronics and Zebronics, etc. range of excellent Bluetooth speaker corporate gifts assured by us.

Every product comes with a service guarantee and is manufactured with high quality material and proves to be extremely cost-efficient. Be it Diwali or New Year or Annual events, our products serve the purpose all year round. 

In the current technological advance age, it is really important to keep up with modern business needs. Branded portable speakers are brilliant gifts which give your company a forward-thinking and market-conscious image. Bluetooth Speakers are the perfect mix of stylish and practical, making them the perfect business gifts in a corporate environment. Branded portable speakers make fantastic corporate gifts which can seriously enhance your company’s modern image and reputation. Customised, branded Bluetooth Speakers can really boost the confidence and effectiveness of your staff, helping them to work to their very best as a team. Be seen as leaders in your field with our high-tech, branded corporate gifts!! Show the market that your company has the technological and business skills needed to succeed in this challenging modern business environment by investing in our high-tech branded Bluetooth Speakers. As well as a great selection of branded portable speakers, we also provide an exciting range of other high-tech products including branded phone chargers and USB drives.