What is the biggest mistake people make with premium corporate gifts?

Premium corporate gifts can bring you a ton of profits. We’re not kidding right now.

If you spent INR 20,000 to send gifts to a few high-level people and in return, you got business worth over INR 5 lacs from just one of them, what would you say the ROI is?

Very high, right?

And that’s the beauty of branded corporate gifts. They can boost your business’s growth substantially without requiring you to put much effort. But there is one big mistake you must avoid.

You want to send gifts to a company owner, or a service provider, or maybe a high-level executive. But you might make this little mistake and ruin your whole plan.

Your entire gift will get ignored and it might only result in a waste of your resources, time and money. And you aren’t the only individual who makes this gifting mistake. There are literally hundreds of other organizations who have made this mistake.

It is of-

Neglecting the Presentation

You read it right, it’s about the presentation.

There is a reason why gourmet chefs and Michelin star winning chefs put a lot of effort into the presentation of their food. It impresses the person. When you see a magnificent dish served to you, you feel good instantly.

You haven’t tasted it yet, you might not have even smelled the dish yet, but you can already guess that it’s going to be amazing.

Great presentation delights the user. And in your case, the presentation is vital for the recipient. The CEOs, CXOs, CIOs and CTOs don’t have the time to check and open every gift they receive.

Whether you’re sending them a high-quality smart home device or a simple accessory set, the presentation will always play a crucial and equal role.

Make sure that you get a good gift wrap, add a personalized note and keep the message direct.

The presentation is vital for the success of your corporate gifting strategy. A good presentation will make your corporate gift stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There are already other people sending gifts to the CEO, but the CEO would be opening yours personally.

That’s the power of presentation. You see a ton of dishes served everywhere, but you’ll drool to eat that majestic dish made by the chef, just because of its appearance.


Now that you know what the biggest premium gifting mistake is, you will surely avoid it. We would be glad to hear your thoughts on this topic.

If you were the recipient of the gift, how would you like it to be presented? Let us know your answers.

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