Should freelancers send gifts to their clients? Here’s the answer

Whether you’re a web developer or a writer, if you’re a freelancer, then you know the struggle of finding new clients.

But what’s more difficult than finding new clients is to get new work.

No matter who you ask, freelancing is still a new concept in most parts of the world.

Whether you’re in India or in the USA, there are many people who will quickly question your profession or ask you, “What do you really do?”

And because it’s a new concept, it’s quite difficult to find relevant advice for your progress.

There are not many places to get advice.

So, in this article, we’re going to help you out with one of the trickiest questions among freelancers:

Should freelancers send gifts to their clients?

Here is the answer:

The Answer

Yes, freelancers should. Gifts don’t harm anybody. They are simple, thoughtful and genuine.

As a freelancer, sending branded corporate gifts to your existing clients as well as the past clients will help you strengthen your relationship with them.

It will help you enhance the ‘human side’ of your profession.

They have been talking to you like a service provider, the gift will show them that you care about them and their time. There’s nothing better than a well-thought gift to tell the other person that you care.

Wouldn’t it be too expensive?

You might think that sending branded corporate gifts is quite expensive. Well, if you ask a provider of such gifts (like us), you’ll find out that it’s not.

Go and check our store, you’ll find a great deal of affordable yet premium corporate gifts you can send.

As a freelancer, you already have a brand. The gifts will only enhance it further. They will promote your brand, get you mouth-publicity and increase your engagement with your clients.


Overall, sending corporate gifts to your existing bunch of clients, past clients, and future prospects is a great step.

As a freelancer, you shouldn’t hesitate in going the extra mile.

You are a solopreneur and the gifts will act as your marketing executives.

Are you a freelancer? Did you like our idea? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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